Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On-location with Filme von Draussen

Tom (of Filme von Draussen) somehow convinced Andreas and I to get up at 2am and go on a sunrise ski tour... two of them actually. In retrospect, getting up at 2am was worth the glorious sunrise views we got each time and after coming back into the city in the late morning, the rest of the work day was actually quite productive. Each time we had nice fluffy powder to ski on, which made the early morning much more bearable. So not such a bad idea at all... plus, now we know Hüenerchopf, the area's preferred ski touring mountain for everyone over 65, like the backs of our hands.

The first time we went I left my camera behind (idiot) but managed to snap a few pics of the process during our second outing. Tom's video will tell the rest of the story...

Andreas happy to see the sun rising

tops of the Churfirsten get some morning rays

breaking trail through fresh pow on Hüenri -- by the end of the day this would be completely tracked out. On a Tuesday. 

set up

Andreas shredding the Hüenerchopf gnarly (!) NE face... 

Andreas in a sea of slightly wind-blown pow