Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Olive Harvest

My uncle Cenko and aunt Sonja own an olive grove. It's in a spectacular spot, overlooking the adriatic sea, just across the hill from Trieste. It was an exceptionally grey day, but the olive trees yielded over 3 tons of olives - a record-breaking year! The only bad part about partaking in an olive harvest is that you can't eat the olives while you're picking them...

Živa & Molly, BFFs

Every once in a while, the support crew would come by to reinvigorate the workers... coffee, pastries, wine, plum brandy... yum

climbing trees is fun
glow of the bonfire

Nina Nastasia @ Exil, Zürich, Nov. 02 2010

Saw Nina Nastasia twice in a week - this was the first of the two shows, the second was in a small town in Slovenia... this show was absolutely fabulous, Matt's violin playing was like nothing I've ever heard before. I was mesmerized.