Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seestock (2429m) ski tour

Late January outing with the ZSS in perfect weather (zero wind) and only slightly less perfect snow. Nice leisurely tour aided by some lifts to get us up high above the treeline early in the morning. Varied terrain and amazing views all day long complete with a slightly adventurous summit scramble. We had a huge descent (1800m) into Muotathal (albeit some of it on the road) with really nice powder down low that made for some fun tree skiing, but my camera died before I could snap any action shots... next time. :)

Starting out in the morning and coming into the sun

this photo had to be in color... 

First break with outstanding views

the route ahead

nice traverse

all smiles

not a particularly nice photo, but the only one I have of the actual peak...

All business

Nice ridge walking after dropping off our skis

beginning of the scramble to the summit

more scrambling

this is the most ornate cross i've seen so far... 

the summit was just large enough for us all to fit...

looking back on our route

the descent begins...