Sunday, September 22, 2013

Etzlihütte - Chrüzlipass - Sedrun

Axel, Molly and I played support team for Dani's master's thesis research and went up to Etzlihütte where she could interview the hut keepers... On the second day, we headed up and over Chrüzlipass where we found more amazing scenery and lots of wild blueberries which Dani and Axel later made into a delicious pie. 

Starting out above Etzlibach


Axel, charging straight off a socialist propaganda poster

Crisp morning


More blueberries!

Etzlihütte blending into the cliff

Fluorescent lichen

Axel trying to wow Molly and Dani with his mountain knowledge on top of Chrüzlipass

Dani and Molly descending into Val Strem

Granite blocks...