Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mattjisch Horn & Glattwang ski tour

Tobias and I took advantage of the one-day weather window and sought out some powdery cruiser slopes. The avalanche situation was a bit tricky so we looked for something small with gentle slopes -- Mattjisch Horn (2461m) and Glattwang (2376m) fit the bill pretty well. It was a pretty lazy day with just under 1000m of ascent and about 2000m of descent all the way down to the village of Jenaz. We saw a spooky avalanche on another peak that was apparently triggered by a lone skier -- judging by the tracks no one was hurt.

skiers approaching Mattjischhorn

looking West

skiers following our tracks on Glattwang

Avalanche on Rothorn -- SE facing slope around 30 degrees. You can see ski tracks leading up to the crown and out the bottom. 
consulting the map

cruiser slope glee

Sunday, January 1, 2012

start of the year

The first day of the new year was perfect for a stroll through the swamp on the southern edge of the Ljubljana basin.