Saturday, February 1, 2014


The winter has been crap in the north so it wasn't until now (late January) that Romain and I finally got to take advantage of some mid-week pre-work powder... Axel celebrated his first day of joblessness by joining us as well. We headed to Hüenerchopf, an easy mountain that we skied last year as the final outing of the season. Quite different conditions now with 10-20cm or so of nice powder all the way from top to bottom. The snow exceeded expectations and we were glad to have gotten up early because on the way down we passed at least 20 other people...

one of the nice things about this tour is the constant view of the Churfristen

Axel thinking about what a good idea it was to celebrate his new freedom by skiing instead of drinking

our goal in view

unknown skier laying down a nice track off the ridge

Getting up to the summit

French style

German style

cruiser slopes below treeline -- still fun with snow like this!