Friday, March 1, 2013

Brisen 2404m

Tobias and I went up to Brisen, a moderately famous mountain in central Switzerland. The nice and steep NW face is sheltered by the Haldigrat ridge so it preserves powder pretty well... We had lots of sun, some great powder, some crust, and some amazingly terrible snow in fog down low, but we skied all the way to the parking lot!

Kloster at Niederrickenbach

skiers on the traverse below Steinalper Jochli

Tobias getting ready to scramble to the summit

summit ridge

climbers approaching the summit

summit cross -- and the tasty slopes below

starting down the NW face looking down toward Haldigrat

powder all the way down the face...

coming out of the shadows

NW face of Brisen from Haldigrat -- our lines are on the far right (I suppose we skied off the Haldigrat in fact...)

skiing north off Gigichrüx