Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pizol (2844m) ski tour - 23. 01. 2011

Finally managed to connect with Tobias for a tour - amazing weather, fantastic snow, great company. We took the chair up to Pizolhütte and headed west toward the Wildsee. A quick descent to Wildsee, a pause for lunch, and up the north-facing Pizolgletscher to the Pizol col. An exposed scramble up to the summit was made a tad less adventurous by a cable for self-belay. The descent was great, despite the crowds we found untracked lines all the way down to civilization... perfect light fluffy powder. Yum. a map

I also just realized that every ski outing I've been on this winter has been in perfect weather... something I'm definitely not used to but I'm quickly acquiring a taste for it. Thanks everyone for a great day out! Again no action shots, I still don't have a good way of skiing with my camera...

heading out in the frigid morning
the col before wildsee
slopes above wildsee - I'm really into these shots straight at the sun... 
found a poralizer that fits my lens on an old camera of molly's...
looking back down the pizolgletscher
this is a peak for everyone - shelter from the wind above the col
you never have to wonder where the summit is in these parts... 

some delicious exposure
group summit shot - somehow the only cloudy five minutes were right when we reached the summit
traverse back down to the col
mountain goats
this was a collage experiment - view from the Pizol col

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Visit to Basel

Molly and I headed to Basel for some change of pace and because for some reason we've just really wanted to go there. Did you know that Basel has 40 museums? We were going to go to the Kunstmuseum Basel (Basel art museum) but with a choice of 40 museums we decided to go for something smaller and perhaps more quirky. We found the museum of musical instruments, which is housed in a building that used to be a prison that used to be a convent. Strange place. Some very cool things in there.
old and new
tinguely fountain
by the bassler münster
a doorway i liked on augustinerstrasse
taking a moment in the rathaus
still life in st. peters church

molly admired the polish work
one of the prison cells was preserved
the former prison, current musical instrument museum from the other side - also now a jazz club

Friday, January 14, 2011

Riedchopf (2552 m) and Silbertälli powder (08. 01. 2011)

Another tour with ZSS (Zürcher Studenten Skitourenclub) - this time in a much smaller group (only four of us), probably due to the slightly more difficult route (roughly 1300 m of elevation gain) and very early start (6:30am departure from the HB! *gasp*) Whatever the reason, I prefer smaller groups anyway. Expectations were low - the snow line was at 2000 m for the few days prior. It also rained. I thought we would find ice, except for maybe a pocket of powder or two (I even picked up some ski crampons the day before, and carried my ice axe). Instead, we found relatively great conditions, perfect weather, and even some powder in the protected northeast bowl of Silbertälli! (see map of the area) Low down the gloppy mush brought back memories of the Cascades... All in all, a fantastic day - thanks again to Guido and Patrick for organizing!

Roman, Guido, Patrick hurrying to beat the crowds to the saddle

Swiss candy-wrapper
I waited and waited to get the shot of him skiing from the top, but just took too long and my fingers were freezing
Final few meters to Riedchopf
Airy ridge walk from the saddle to the summit - we approached from the sunny side of the saddle in the background and skied into the shade

On the other (false) summit