Friday, August 19, 2011

Winterthur Musikfestwochen

We were pretty excited to go see Iron & WIne at a free festival in Winterthur... we started early with some delicious brews in the sunshine and watching the various sound techs and groupies meander about.

Iron & Wine was a huge disappointment, and I think I'm being pretty generous in my assessment. WTF. Why would someone take wonderfully fragile songs and make them into elevator music drenched in saturated never-ending saxophone solos? I just don't know.

But we had a ton of fun - caught a solid rock 'n' roll act (Fai Baba) at the Albani club toward the end of the night. I was glad to see my new lens work so well in a poorly-lit club... this will be fun.

Molly starting to get animated about sound checking

The kids have the right idea

so close

grill masters

Fai Baba @Albani