Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pazolastock (2739 m) with Zürcher Studenten Skitourenclub (04/12/2010)

Running for the tram at 6:45 am in ski boots is tiring. Ski touring by train is awesome, however. We were led by Guido up to the top of Pazolastock above Oberalppass near the town of Andermatt. Starting at 2000 meters is cushy to say the least... an established skin track led us straight up to the summit at a leisurely pace. The run off the saddle below the summit held amazing powder! Lower down the consistency changed a bit and sent me flying for a fantastic blowup that injured my right boot. We skied all the way to Andermatt, almost straight to the train station. Thanks Guido for organizing and everyone else for great company!

starting off up the skintrack

Three generations of K2 skis

yep, that is a chimney on top of a hut
relaxing on the summit
View off the summit toward the west
View off the summit to the east

getting ready to drop in

Guido leads the way